Douglas C. Wright Architects: Vassar College

Douglas C. Wright Architects: Vassar College

Douglas C. Wright Architects wins the 2020 Commercial Palladio Award for Interior Design.

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Richard Morris Hunt Prize

The Richard Morris Hunt Prize is an intensive and curated six-month fellowship, divisible in two or three periods, that carries a $20,000 award for registered architects to pursue cutting-edge research on emerging trends in historic preservation.


Forbes & Lomax Opens Los Angeles Showroom

Forbes & Lomax is excited to announce the opening of its new Los Angeles showroom at 936 N La Cienega Blvd. This location marks the third showroom in addition to New York City and London.

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Mid-Atlantic TimberFramers -1525_2019-Retainer_Traditional-Building_Editorial-Image_final

Mid-Atlantic Timberframes

Timber frame manufacturer; Designer and builder of custom timber frame homes, pavilions, and pergolas, as well as barns, equestrian facilities, and commercial buildings; Heavy timber frame construction; Serving the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.

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South Royalton Black Lives Matter Rally

Preservation, Place and Protests

There is nothing like Bastille Day to conjure up images of political unrest by crowds. But it is 2020 in the United States, and we don’t need to look back to Europe for such imagery; it is with us today.

Memorial flowers at ex Cathedral of the Confederacy, June 2

Statues in Urbanism, Again

The statues of Confederates that are targets of revised judgments about their subjects often occupy important places in our urbanism, which calls attention to the importance of urbanism in what we build.


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