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Sustainable in San Antonio

Sustainable in San Antonio

Historical references, a high-performance building envelope, clean-energy technologies, and integration into a densely urban community make the building complex at 1703 Broadway a model project.

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Our Responsibility to Respect and Relate—a talk with Patrick Ahearn FAIA

Presented in partnership with Architectural Delight. July 27, 2022 @ Noon-1:30pm ET via Zoom - advanced registration required.


Wrapup: Traditional Building Conference, Newport, June 2022

Our June 2022 conference in Newport, Rhode Island featured the annual Palladio Awards gala ceremony, architectural tours, and a variety of educational seminars on architecture, restoration and building with traditional materials and methods.

Palladio 2022 judges

Meet Our 2022 Palladio Judges

Introducing the judges of the 2022 Palladio Awards.

Product Reports

Historic door, Sherborne Abbey, Dorset, featuring cast iron fleur-de-lis strap hinges, lock, latch and bosses, c 1050.

Door Additions

Historic door accoutrements define the style and character of your door.

When repointing and replicating brick, the goal is to make repairs that blend well with existing mortar and bricks. This “after” view shows how well the work blends with old and new.

Restoration of Reading Terminal Marketplace

Seemingly small masonry repairs make a big impact.

Pigeons landing on rooftop at sunset with red brick old building and pitched roof. Beautiful sunlit birds taking off into the sky.

Nixalite of America & Bird-X Stand-Up to Feathered Foes

When it comes to protecting buildings from birds, two companies have perfect solutions.

Robinson Iron created this magnificent entrance for The Jefferson hotel in Washington, D.C. / Photo by Robinson Iron

Artisans and craftsmen who are making ironwork alive today.

Here are some of the artisans and craftsmen who are making their mark on history by recreating old pieces and creating their own traditional and custom works for a variety of design professionals.

Recessed pocket pivot hinge developed by the W. C. Vaughan Co. of Boston in the 1920s, now known as the Harmon Hinge. This particular hinge was manufactured by the Willamette Hardware Co. and was salvaged from New York City’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

Hinge History

Hinges are part of every door, permitting the door leaf to open and close. They are used on entrances, cupboards, casement windows, pianos, and smaller objects, such as jewelry boxes.

080521_Assembly and Raising on the National Mall

Notre-Dame’s fire leads to a teachable moment as students rebuild Truss Number 6.

During a six-week course in which students would study the architectural history of Notre-Dame; learn timber framing skills by creating models, then hewing, assembling, and raising a truss on the University Mall; and planning an exhibit at the National Building Museum.

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Artful Openings: Millwork Specialists On the Benefits of Wood Windows

Wood remains the prime choice for traditional-style windows and doors. It provides the correct period-style look, and its longevity all but guarantees that it will last as long as the historic buildings it is used in.

Buying Guide Spotlight


Nostalgic Warehouse

Vintage door hardware: solid brass, new construction or historic renovation; over 20 doorset patterns with coordinating cabinet hardware & accessories; dealers throughout US & Canada.

Blogs & Opinion Pieces

Winter holiday view of Washington DC Temple or Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Kensington, Maryland, USA

Architecture of Ascension

A rare glimpse inside the newly renovated Mormon Temple in Washington, DC.

New York City, NY, USA - April 11, 2018: Flatiron Building (National Historic Landmark) architectural detail of the facade (Beaux-Arts style) with terra cotta ornaments. Manhattan, Flatiron District

Building Technology Heritage Library: Architectural Terra Cotta

The most prominent use of architectural terra cotta was that of a decorative cladding system, particularly for urban commercial buildings.


Understanding Classicism—I know It When I Frieze It

While we frequently consider what comes under the definition of classicism, few have crystallized what it means.