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Belden Brick Company, The

The Belden Brick Company, a long-standing pillar in the brick industry, is the largest family-owned brick manufacturer in the United States. With a foundation over a century in the making, an exciting new era of modernization begins as we pioneer innovation in the art of brick making for architects, builders, and homeowners. Each brick becomes part of a legacy that has set The Standard of Comparison since 1885.

Our vision is to deliver the highest-quality shales and clays that contribute to our customers' and communities' structural integrity and outstanding appearance. Expanding brick's creative versatility while maintaining the material's traditional strengths is something in which we pride ourselves. We continue to meet the changing needs of the construction market by manufacturing over 20 different face brick and clay paver sizes, more than 500 colors, 13 different textures, and endless designs of special shapes.


Brick has been the choice for architects and builders to create structures that embody style and strength. The superior quality of our raw materials leads to the structural integrity and outstanding appearance of our world-class architectural brick. At the same time, our unique process of pre-blended for immediate use provides the best possible color blend for installation.


Using special shapes creates dramatic, detailed effects on corners, coves, lintels, arches, walls, and more, resulting in buildings and structures that are more one-of-a-kind and visually impressive. Our shapes specialists move new brick concepts from your mind to the mason's hand. Never be stifled by existing ideas of how a brick should look. We invite you to explore the artistic impact that architectural shapes can have on your design.


Engineered to provide architects, designers, builders, and homeowners with a new approach to an obvious application. A brick finish with thin brick is not restricted to a footer's confines or labor-intensive masonry work, offering more flexibility to your interior or exterior commercial, residential, or remodeling brick-clad projects.


Reshape the idea of landscape design. Our brick's geometric perfection is a simple yet powerful asset to your paving design. With a wide range of extruded and molded clay pavers ideal for high-strength industrial and commercial to residential paving applications!

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