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Traditional Building | May 2019

May 2019 issue, Traditional Building

May 2019 issue of Traditional Building

May 2019
The May issue of Traditional Building features the restoration of the 1914 New Haven County Courthouse by JCJ Architecture, a clock tower restoration by Campbellsville Industries, Hartman-Cox Architects' design of The New John A. Campbell Courthouse, a profile on conservation architect Steven Semes, and much more.

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An 1853 Clock Tower Restoration by Campbellsville Industries
An 1853 clock tower for a Kentucky courthouse is replicated by Campbellsville Industries.

The Restoration of the 1914 New Haven County Courthouse by JCJ Architecture
JCJ Architecture restores the 1914 New Haven County Courthouse.

Hartman-Cox Architects Designs The New John A. Campbell Courthouse
Hartman-Cox Architects designs the new John A. Campbell Courthouse, which has reigned as the highest seat of justice in Mobile, Alabama, since 1934.

Steven Semes: The Conservation Architect
Steven Semes muses on the role of heritage in terms of preservation and so much more.

Materials & Methods
John Canning & Co.'s Art Conservation at Luzerne County Courthouse
John Canning & Co. conserves a legacy of art and craftsmanship in the Luzerne County Courthouse.

Bricks: Building Blocks
An ancient building material, brick offers a variety of color, textures, and patterns.

Product Reports
The Language of Design
Classical traditions brought to life.

Book Review
Book Review: From Truths to Tools
A review of the book From Truths to Tools, which explores artisan geometry.

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