windows at Vassaris Ely Hall

The largest windows at Vassaris Ely Hall are 7x11 ft. All are now restored. Photo: Andy Wilson, CVM

Restoring Steel Windows
Steel windows present a challenge in many restoration projects. When restoring historic buildings, the question of what to do with the existing steel windows is often a serious concern. Architects may want to turn to replacement windows for energy conservation reasons, and there are firms that can provide historically accurate new windows.

historic steel casement window

This historic steel casement window is one example of the steel window restoration and repair work done by Seekircher of Peekskill, NY.

Making Sense of Metal Windows in Historic Buildings
A hallmark of progressive 20th-century architecture, the metal window—first in steel and later aluminum—continues to improve on its early promise of more glass with less maintenance, while adapting to the 21st century needs of historic sensitivity, thermal efficiency and environmental security.


Window restoration by Seekircher Steel Windows.

Saving Yesterday: Three Architectural Salvagers
In a book called The Restoration Economy, author Storm Cunningham posits that making things is big business, but remaking things is an even bigger business. Our American economy and culture are concentrated on making things. But I know three counter-culture characters, one, in particular, focuses on window restoration and all would rather repair something old rather than make something new.

historic steel window profiles

The Story of Steel Windows
Historic steel windows come in a variety of sizes and profiles, depending on the era in which they were manufactured. We give you a quick overview of the different kinds.

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