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Black Artists & Designers Guild Recognizes Grant Supporter Artistic Tile

Artistic Tile underwrites a BADG Creative Futures Grant award.

Black Artists + Designers Guild (BADG) recognizes the support of Artistic Tile, a family-owned and operated business that has underwritten one of the BADG Creative Futures Grant awards. The Creative Futures Grant provides $5,000 and mentorship to four Black-identifying third and fourth-year undergraduate students & graduate students currently enrolled at US-based institutions studying Visual Arts, Product Design, Interior design, or Architecture.

Creative Futures grant flyer.

Creative Futures grant flyer.

“We are appreciative for the support of Artistic Tile, who put forward a donation to underwrite a BADG Creative Futures Grant award,” shares Malene Barnett, BADG Founder. “We are always looking to expand our capabilities and collaborate with supporters who are actively doing the work to correct inequities within the industry. These donations assist us in advancing our mission toward equity and inclusion for Black creatives.”

This educational initiative creates a space to celebrate Black creativity and culture while nurturing intellectual exploration. The Creative Futures Grant will support young professionals toward actualizing all the phases of a professional project: from ideation to research to the final project. Grant recipients will receive mentorship sessions with BADG makers and other experienced industry professionals, including Artistic Tile’s leadership.

“A focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion is essential for the growth of the design community. If we want to continue to innovate and expand, we need fresh ideas from a spectrum of experience. An equitable and inclusive environment fosters a positive culture and helps companies evolve to meet the needs of their clients,” says Joshua Levinson, CEO of Artistic Tile. “The work that BADG does for Black designers in the community is very important to us. We are honored to be among the underwriters for the BADG Creative Futures Grant, which will fund exceptional creative projects of four selected Black Architecture, Design, and Fine Art students and help them achieve their professional and artistic goals.”

The application process is open until Monday, August 16. BADG will announce grant recipients in the fall. For more information about the Creative Futures Grant and application process, visit and application link

Members of the Black Artists + Designers Guild.

Members of the Black Artists + Designers Guild.

About Black Artists + Designers Guild (BADG)
Founded in 2018, The Black Artists + Designers Guild is a dynamic, action-oriented, member-driven platform for creative professionals seeking community, collaboration, and creative support. Founded on the principles of a traditional guild, BADG thrives on active membership + patron support. We are proud to be mission-driven, value-centered, and committed to equity and inclusion.

The Black Artists + Designers Guild Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

Black Artists + Designers Guild (BADG) Mission

Black Artists + Designers Guild (BADG) advances equity and inclusion for Black creative professionals by investing in Black ancestral futures, claiming liberatory Black narratives, and creating spaces to celebrate Black creativity and culture through design.

Artistic Tile

Innovation takes work. Artistic Tile stays ahead of the market, producing designs that define the direction of the tile industry. Exquisite attention to detail ensures a final product that sets the bar for the luxury tile segment. Interlocking sections connect seamlessly, grout lines take on intention, and patterns emerge in ceramic, glass, stone and porcelain that are fresh, unique and simultaneously timeless.

Since its inception in 1987, Artistic Tile has been a market leader, producing designs that define the direction of the tile industry. Under the leadership of Founder & Chairman of the Board Nancy Epstein, the company has grown to include eight Artistic Tile showrooms across the country, a diverse network of partner showrooms, a rapidly growing ecommerce presence, a finely curated slab gallery, and a 125,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art headquarters. Under the direction of CEO Joshua Levinson, Artistic Tile looks forward to its next phase of growth and innovation, including the launch of its newest showroom and first satellite slab gallery at the Nashville Design Collective in Nashville, Tennessee.

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