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Patrick Webb is a heritage and ornamental plasterer, an educator and an advocate for the specification of natural, historically utilized plasters: clay, lime, gypsum, hydraulic lime in contemporary architectural specification. Read his full bio here.

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NIKO Contracting Co., Inc.

Custom fabricator & contractor of sheet metal & roofing: slate, tile & other roofing; storefronts, cornices, cupolas, domes, steeples, snow guards & leader heads; copper, lead-coated copper, zinc & stainless steel; metal ceilings.

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The Role of Aggregates and Fibers in Plaster

In my last blog, I discussed binders, the “mineral glue” as it were, that holds things together. Now it’s time to consider the “things,” the aggregates and occasionally fibers that typically compose the greater part of the volume and mass of a plaster.