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Editorials and opinion pieces about the latest trends in the fields of traditional architecture and historic restoration.

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NIKO Contracting Co., Inc.

Custom fabricator & contractor of sheet metal & roofing: slate, tile & other roofing; storefronts, cornices, cupolas, domes, steeples, snow guards & leader heads; copper, lead-coated copper, zinc & stainless steel; metal ceilings.

traditional building magazine

The Neuroscience of Architecture: The Good, the Bad—and the Beautiful

Recently many architects have begun to take note of remarkable new findings emerging from the field of neuroscience, the study of the brain and nervous system and how those react to stimuli. We are learning that this complex system has powerful perceptual capabilities, enabling us to be able to better protect and enhance our own well-being.

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When Does Architectural Consistency Matter?

Most modern people (if they are not trained as modernist architects) have imbibed the idea that architectural consistency is the highest form of order. But what if the additions are ugly, falling down or inhospitable?