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Traditional Building | April 2022


April 2022
In this issue of Traditional Building, read about the transformation of a historic library on Martha’s Vineyard, an interview with Andrés Duany on affordable housing, the Adaptive re-use of a historic shipyard building in San Francisco, and more.

ON THE COVER: Patrick Ahearn Architect transforms a historic library on Martha’s Vineyard into a vibrant heritage center. Photo by Greg Premru

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A Literary Landmark
Patrick Ahearn Architect transforms a historic library on Martha’s Vineyard into a vibrant heritage center.

Top of the Town
The Georgian in St. Louis undergoes a much needed restoration.

Re-Energizing a Powerhouse
Adaptive re-use of a historic shipyard building offers insights for successful projects.

Discriminate Expectations
Solutions for how to commemorate our collective past.


Traditional Building Conference Series is back, starting in Alexandria, VA.


Andrés Duany on Affordable Housing and Classicism
The New Urbanist addresses one of the biggest hurdles to mixed-use projects.

the trades

Artfully Wrought Windows
Fenestration goes non-ferrous in a neo-traditional high-rise.

historic materials

Hinge History
Hinges were such an important building component, the Romans designated the goddess Cardea to watch over them.


Rising From the Ashes
Reconstructing Truss Number 6 from Notre-Dame Cathedral.

products in-depth

Feathered Foes
When it comes to protecting buildings from birds, two companies have perfect solutions.

Iron Works
Durable and decorative by design, ironwork defines—and defies—time.

book review

An American Renaissance: Beaux-Arts Architecture in New York City By Phillip James Dodd
Reviewed by Gordon H. Bock

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