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Traditional Building | April 2017

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The April issue of Traditional Building focuses on the restoration and repair of the cast-iron dome on U.S. Capitol Building, how young preservationists are saving buildings in Ohio, how a renovated savings bank in Chicago now serves as an art and community center, and more.

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VOL. 30 | NO. 2 | APRIL 2017

Traditional Building | April 2017


A Dome for All Time
The restoration and repair of the cast-iron dome on the U.S. Capitol Building has saved our nation’s most iconic structure.

Adaptive Reuse Spurs Urban Renewal
A renovated savings bank in Chicago now serves as an art and community center.


Making Sense of Mid-Century Modern
Industry leaders discuss the meaning and importance of Mid-Century Modernism in the preservation movement.

Young Preservationists
Young preservationists in Ohio are helping save buildings and are educating citizens in Ohio and beyond.


The Prince of Wales and Other Radicals
Some thoughts on who are the real radicals in architecture.


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