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About Traditional Building Magazine


Founded in 1988 by Clem Labine, founder of Old House Journal, Traditional Building is the only magazine that focuses on traditional design in public architecture. The magazine and the website are read by architects, contractors, facility managers, developers, artisans and interior designers.

Our articles highlight historic preservation, adaptive re-use and new traditional design for commercial, institutional and government buildings – as well as civic spaces and landscapes. Product guides, articles and photo galleries provide the latest information on how to specify and locate historically inspired products such as windows, doors, lighting, columns, hardware and related services. In addition, noted authors and designers discuss current professional issues, such as conflicts between modernism and traditional design as they affect architecture and urban design. Energy efficiency, sustainability and successful urban design are also important topics of discussion.


Leading architects discuss how to restore and rehabilitate historic buildings and how to design new buildings in traditional styles. No other magazine/website offers this type of comprehensive information. For example, our December 2015 issue features the reconstruction of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City, with interviews with the project architect, Murphy Burnham & Buttrick, as well as the restoration consultant Building Conservation Associates.

We also highlight smaller projects, such as a rehabilitated commercial building in Deadwood, SD, that used solar panels (hidden from the street) to power the building, illustrating how energy efficiency and historic preservation can work together.


Often written by experts in the field, features focus on a variety of issues, such as sustainability and urban design. One recent example provides diagrams and information from a project in Norfolk, VA. Our founder, Clem Labine, is often featured in the magazine. One example is his recent article about how Penn Station could be restored. Classical architecture is another important element of the magazine. In one recent issue, Steven W. Semes, professor at the School of Architecture at Notre Dame, announced the formation of a new program at the university, a program to promote the education of classical architecture.


Leading traditional architects are often featured in our pages.


The only national awards program honoring traditional architecture, the Palladio Awards were launched in 2002 and have cited more than 100 projects for their exceptional design. Categories include both restoration and renovation and new traditional design. These are selected by a jury of architects, educators and designers and are featured each year in our June issues. 

The Clem Labine Award honors architects who have made significant contributions to the field outside of their regular work. The first one went to Alvin Holm, in 2009.

Traditional Building Strip

Product Reports:

Our product reports provide guidelines and information to help architects, designers and builders with their projects. A typical product report, “What Shall We Do with Our Windows?” discusses the pros and cons of repair vs. replacement.

Buying Guides:

Products are the lifeblood of any restoration or renovation project, and Traditional Building is the only source of information on traditional products and services, products such as hardware, lighting, columns as well as services such as decorative painting and window restoration. Every issue includes at least a dozen of these Buying Guides.

Book Reviews:

With each issue, Traditional Building offers up reviews of the latest books on traditional design and architecture. We have a diverse stable of book reviewers, including architects, tradespeople, scholars, and industry professionals.


The last page of each issue offers an opportunity for industry leaders to express their opinions on topics such as church design and tax credits. For example, Duncan Stroik debunks the 20-acre myth for church design.

Our bloggers:

Traditional Building offers blogs by leaders in the field, including architects, craftspeople and our own president, Peter H. Miller.

Our Special issues:

The February issue is our Annual Buying Guide, featuring a comprehensive listing of traditional products in dozens of categories. This valuable resource is used as a reference all year long.

In June, we feature the Palladio winners, with detailed articles about the winning projects and exclusive interviews with the architects.

Religious Buildings are highlighted in our December issue every year, with projects from around the country and relevant Buying Guides.

We are constantly adding more content from our previous issues.

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