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The Advent of Women Architectural Professionals: A US-UK Comparative Perspective

Please join the SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group and SAHGB's Women's Architectural Historian's Network for an SAH CONNECTS virtual program.

This webinar, sponsored by the newly organized SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group (SAH WiA AG) and SAHGB's Women's Architectural Historians’ Network (WAHN), brings together panelists from the US and the UK to discuss the circumstances—social, political, cultural, educational—during which women began to enter architecture as a professionalized and licensed practice near the start of the twentieth century. Taking a comparative view, the webinar considers whether this phenomenon could be attributed to the change in lifestyles and attitudes towards women's work in modernity, a change in the attitude towards women's education, or other factors. Was it linked to a new social consciousness instigated by consecutive waves of feminist activity? Did women’s presence disrupt the masculine construction of the professional persona of the architect?


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