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2020 Urban Guild Awards

Call for entries for the Urban Guild Awards.
urban guild

The Urban Guild is pleased to announce the second annual Urban Guild Awards. The awards program is structured to celebrate projects that exemplify the unique mission of the Guild, and is composed of three distinct categories:

  • Design Excellence
  • Design Exploration
  • Student Work

As an advocacy organization with members working in a variety of modes to improve our built environment, the Guild welcomes submissions from all relevant design disciplines. There is no limit to the number of submissions, and eligibility is not limited to Guild members.


Design Excellence This award celebrates built design work that masterfully applies timeless design principles in a manner that refines them and best integrates them into their urban context. Submitted projects may be any type, scale, or program so long as they are successful in directly furthering the mission of the Guild. Submitted design work for this category must have been built within the past five years.

Design Exploration This award celebrates built or unbuilt design work that demonstrates visionary innovation within an urban context. In the context of this award, ‘exploration’ is understood as a conscious attempt to identify new and innovative design strategies for improving the urban built environment. Submitted projects may be any type, scale, or program so long as they are successful in directly furthering the mission of the Guild. Submitted design work for this category must have been designed within the past five years.

Student Work This award celebrates built or unbuilt design work which exemplifies criteria in either Design Excellence or Design Exploration, but is performed by a student. Submitted projects must have been completed within the past five years, and will be accepted even if the person submitting the project is no longer a student.


Submittal of Applicant ID Form 5pm (EST) on Thursday March 12, 2020
Upload of Project Information 5pm (EST) on Tuesday March 17, 2020
The submittal process has three steps, and is intended to keep the identities of applicants hidden from the awards jury until after winners are determined. Applicants must follow the process below for each submittal:

STEP 1: Request an Applicant Identification Form
Email '' to request an Application Form. The form will be provided within the next business day.

STEP 2: Applicant Identification Form
Submit a completed Applicant Identification Form to ‘’ Following receipt of this form, the Guild will provide applicant with a unique link for uploading the project information.

STEP 3: Project Information
Submit the project information outlined below, using a separate file for each item, taking care to omit any information that reveals the identity of the applicant:

Project Description
Identify the basic project information (type, size, location, description) and applicant’s role in the project, using 250 words or less. (Pages: 1 / Size: Letter / Format: PDF)

Project Design Information
Submit project drawings and/or photographs to best communicate the nature of the design work. (Pages: 5 max / Size: Tabloid / Format: PDF)

Important Note 
Submittals that are incomplete and/or do not follow the procedure outlined above will be deemed ineligible for any award.

ANNOUNCEMENT OF WINNERS The awards will be presented at CNU 2020 in Minneapolis on June 12, 2019. Although the presentation will be the first public announcement of the winners, the Guild will notify each winner on or before April 10, 2019 to best facilitate advance travel planning.

RECOGNITION OF ALL APPLICANTS The Guild is committed to recognizing all applicants in a manner that raises awareness of their individual merit as well as the Guild’s collectively diverse and growing body of design work. Toward this end, the Guild will create a directory of all submissions--this directory will be made publicly available following the awards ceremony.

CONTACT INFORMATION For more information, contact Brandt Hay, the 2020 awards program chair, at the following address: ‘’

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