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2017 John Russell Pope Award Winners

The Washington Mid Atlantic chapter of the ICAA has named 13 John Russell Pope Award winners for 2017.

The Washington Mid Atlantic chapter of the ICAA has announced its second round of John Russell Pope Award winners. Founded in 2015, the 2017 program has named 13 winners, recognizing the best work of individuals who contribute to the classical and traditional architecture in the region. The program is named for John Russell Pope, 1874-1937, who is best known as the architect of the Jefferson Memorial and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

ICAA President Peter Lyden states: "It's crucial to the mission of the ICAA that we recognize and honor the outstanding contemporary classical work by our Washington Mid Atlantic Chapter members. This year's John Russell Pope Award winning projects -- from residences to institutional buildings and student work -- were exceptional and will inspire practitioners and emerging classicists for years to come."

This year’s winners include:

1. "Addition to a Pope House" by Barnes Vanze Architects for Addition/Renovation over 5,000 sq.ft. The renovation, respectful to John Russell Pope’s original design, preserves the house, terraces and gardens, while the addition is sympathetic, composed of a hyphen and dependency.

2. “Kalorama Renovation” by Donald Lococo Architects for Addition/Renovation under 5,000 sq.ft. Located in the city’s historic district, three distinct additions over time are replaced with a single thought, while an added brick wall at the front acts as a plinth. A metal and wood conservatory, sympathetic to the homes of this era, is a contrasting but complementary form that delineates the original house from the addition.

3. “Monumental Staircase” by Marmi Natural Stone for Artisanship – Stone. The Georgetown project includes 27 interlocking, self-supporting treads, each weighing between 850 pounds to 1,350 pounds.

4. “Ironwork in the Artisan Tradition” by Iron Masters, Inc. for Artisanship – Ironwork. The project demonstrates the exceptional skill required to transform a concept in metal from a horizontal plane to the curves and slopes of the stairs.

5. Christopher Newport Hall by Glavé and Holmes Architecture for Civic and Institutional design. Located at the gateway to the heart of the campus, this 82,000-sq.ft. building serves as the frontispiece of the Great Lawn, and the “crown jewel” for the University.

6. St. Mary’s Help of Christian's Church by McCrery Architects for Ecclesiastical Design over 3,000 sq.ft. The project is a new Roman Catholic church in the heart of a thriving mid-size South Carolina town. It seats 1,000.

7. Mary’s Chapel by O’Brien and Keane Architects for Ecclesiastical Design under 3,000 sq. ft. Mary’s Chapel is inspired by the Porziuncola of St. Francis near Assisi, Italy.

8. The US Capitol Restoration by Historical Arts & Casting for Historic Preservation. Due to water infiltration and extensive corrosion over an extensive period of time, the project included repair of over one thousand cracks, installation of two hundred dutchman repairs, and restoration and replacement of several hundred cast iron components.

9. Patrick Sutton Interior Design, “New Life for a Storied Home,” for Interior Design, Multiple Rooms. The design and art curation for this Washington, D.C. home tells the story of the young entrepreneurial owners and their interest in contemporary thinkers, world exposure, quality of craft and respect for our nation’s capital and its traditions.

10. “Chain Bridge House” by Jones & Boer Architects for New Construction over 5,000 sq.ft. A speculative house designed to rival the beauty and grandeur of the great mansions built in the city in the 1910s and 1920s, the home takes advantage of the site's long street frontage with a five-part plan for the main house, lower one-story garage and service wing.

11. “West River House” by Jones & Boer Architects for New Construction under 5,000 sq.ft. A relaxed weekend retreat on the Chesapeake Bay for an avid sailor who grew up on a farm, the design offers a more formal side from the water, and an agrarian feel when viewed from the farm.

12. Michael Rabe is a winner of the 2017 John Russell Pope Horizon Builders Student Award for his “Shipbuilding Museum” design. The project offers a public link between the city and the river, as well as providing spaces for public events inside and outside.

13. Parker Hansen also won a 2017 John Russell Pope Horizon Builders Student Award for his "Debate Theater on the National Mall" design. The design conveys the value of national civil discourse while emphasizing L’Enfant’s plan of Washington.

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