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Traditional Building Turns 30!

We’re celebrating TRADITIONAL BUILDING magazine’s 30th year this fall.
Traditional Building October 2018 issue

October issue

Happy Anniversary! You might have seen a recent article in Architectural Digest, which declares that traditional building and classical design is “trending.” Several of the professionals whose work we regularly feature were quoted in the story. The gist of their remarks might be summarized “trad is rad.”

Here we are, come full circle from 1988, when Clem Labine successfully founded TRADITIONAL BUILDING, to serve a growing need for product and design information, aimed at professionals involved in historic preservation, restoration and renovation, and traditional new construction.

Labine knew then what is still true today: that architects, contractors, interior designers, and building owners need credible and easy access to period accurate products and services. Readers often tell us, “If I see it in TRADITIONAL BUILDING, I know the product is appropriate and that the supplier understands my business.”

Twenty years ago, in 1998, TRADITIONAL BUILDING expanded service to readers by launching, which, in concert with the print magazine, made product research and supplier sourcing even easier. The TRADITIONAL BUILDING audience grew beyond paid magazine subscribers, reaching a wider audience with freely available information on the web.

Effective with our 30th anniversary, architects, contractors, interior designers, and building owners who qualify may receive a complimentary subscription to TRADITIONAL BUILDING. The news gets better. Effective with the October 30th anniversary issue, we merge sibling publication PERIOD HOMES with TRADITIONAL BUILDING to make one magazine eight times a year with broad content about the field—commercial, civic, and residential. We’ve added new departments, columns, and features—more insight, more product coverage, more projects. There might be new content but our team are traditional building enthusiasts who have been in the business or reporting on traditional design for many years.

Although we say good-bye to editor Martha McDonald as she retires this fall and thank her for her loyalty and dedication to the subject, we welcome Nancy Berry as the editor of the publication. As the editor of New Old House, and Period Homes, she is well versed in the marketplace and will lead the charge along with Managing Editor Emily O’Brien and Editorial Director Patricia Poore.

We’re upping our game, and intend to serve readers and advertisers for years to come.

Buying Guide Spotlight


Belden Brick Company, The

The Belden Brick Company, a long-standing pillar in the brick industry, is the largest family-owned brick manufacturer in the United States. With a foundation over a century in the making, an exciting new era of modernization begins as we pioneer innovation in the art of brick making for architects, builders, and homeowners. Each brick becomes part of a legacy that has set The Standard of Comparison since 1885.

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