Weathercap, Inc.

We provide a joint protective system for horizontal and vertical joints. Weathercap® is flexible, covers the sealant, resists corrosion, can be painted, and resists molds.

Some properties of Weathercap® are, it is low in tensile strength, hardness, elastic modulus, and creep strength. Temperature change accelerates this creep movement. The low elastic modulus allows this process to continue indefinitely within the joints design limits.

Because of these and others listed above after a building movement, the low creep strength causes the lead to creep into the new configuration.


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NIKO Contracting Co., Inc.

Custom fabricator & contractor of sheet metal & roofing: slate, tile & other roofing; storefronts, cornices, cupolas, domes, steeples, snow guards & leader heads; copper, lead-coated copper, zinc & stainless steel; metal ceilings.