Unico System, Inc.

Supplier of mini-duct systems for retrofitting HVAC systems: ideal for historic preservation; quiet, energy-efficient system; takes 1/4 space of conventional HVAC; delivers 12 tons of ac in same space as 3-ton traditional system.

The Unico System is the dominant choice for centrally heating and air conditioning homes with no pre-existing ductwork. In addition, Unico is fast becoming the number one choice of specifying professionals in custom home applications. Once a HVAC contractor understands The Unico System Rules Of Installation, applications are only limited by your imagination.

The small-duct, high performance heating and air conditioning system architects and builders love.

All across the United States and Canada, architects, builders, interior designers and specifying professionals are using the Unico System in their custom build and retrofit HVAC applications. Whether the installation is a retrofit of an existing home, historic preservation, new custom home, commercial application or unique solution, the Unico System delivers superior indoor comfort and humidity control while preserving the architectural integrity of the structure.

The small-diameter, flexible ducting weaves under floorboards and between walls, eliminating the need for bulky, intrusive ductwork. Heating and cooling is delivered quietly and draft-free. Unico’s new iSeries outdoor unit features a high SEER rating for energy efficiency, and can be connected to high-wall units or air handlers or both. This offers greater flexibility in the design phase, leading to better solutions for the end user.

The Unico System is featured in numerous well-known historic homes, including:

The system is currently being installed in the Hemingway House in Key West.
Unico is an active participant in the following:

Unico trains and certifies contractors who are dedicated to ongoing and detailed high-level training on the Unico System product line. Unico guarantees its system performance when installed by Unico Certified Installers.

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