Rohlf's Stained & Leaded Glass Studio

Designer, fabricator & installer of new stained & leaded glass: restoration & replication; protective glazing; beveled, carved & fused/slumped glass; steel casement retrofitting; mosaics; established in 1920.

Rohlf’s Stained and Leaded Glass Studio was established over 95 years ago and has been creating and conserving stained glass art worldwide. It is with pride that we can say that our stained glass studio has excelled and achieved the highest standard of excellence through four generations of family members.

Our commitment is to provide the highest quality, leaded and stained glass windows available anywhere. Our vision begins with a deep understanding of your required needs, and our attention to execute, with the highest degree of craftsmanship. To accomplish these results, we use the finest tools and techniques, from old-world stained glass craftsmanship to modern computer-generated shop drawings. Rest assured that the aesthetics and engineering that we design into each window is our pledge to the strength, functionality and beauty of our product. The drive for excellence and satisfaction is the measure of quality that is the unifying force behind Rohlf’s Stained & Leaded Glass Studio.

Our expertise provides architects, contractors, institutions, homeowners and the religious community with a professional and reliable staff of artisans to guide you through any of your Stained & Leaded Glass window projects.

Providing diversity in Stained Glass Art and preserving America’s heritage through Historic Restoration and Preservation of Stained and Leaded Glass for more than 95 years.

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