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Rambusch Lighting Co.

LED Fixtures, Engineered Lighting, Decorative Lighting

Designer & fabricator of custom & engineered lighting for 100 years: for churches & public spaces; conservation & replication of lighting fixtures.

LED Lighting

Rambusch specializes in the design, manufacture, and installation of a range of LED lighting fixtures and controls, allowing us to create a custom lighting program that best fits the architecture and purpose of any space Installing efficient lighting is a proven low-cost method of savings for institutions. By installing meters and controls and supplanting entire lighting systems with more efficient technologies, 

Rambush helps churches, schools, theaters, and other businesses and organizations take advantage of continuing improvements in energy efficiency. By replacing older quartz systems with LED fixtures, buildings save around 70% on energy costs and meet current standards on environmentally-friendly operations. 

Moreover, we provide LED fixtures and controls that create an atmosphere that is comfortable and visually dynamic, supporting the multiple modalities today’s educational, liturgical, governmental, and cultural spaces demand. View Projects

Custom Lighting 

Rambusch works through its specialized lighting workshops to create beautiful, energy-efficient light for all settings and occasions, including new designs and updates of historic systems. 

Over the years we have implemented a vast array of fixture designs in all workable materials, housing light sources from flame to LED. Original fixtures can deliver more than one type of lighting from multiple hidden sources. New decorative fixtures can make a major statement, be concealed, or sit anywhere in between. 

From our design floor and metal and glass shops, Rambusch facilitates concept, experimentation, mock-ups, thermal and photometric testing, and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approval - all prior to fabrication. View Projects

Engineered Lighting 

Rambusch offers the widest choice of architectural lighting solutions in the industry. Many manufacturers base a reputation on one type of fixture or sheer size of operation. We, on the other hand, provide light where needed, never detracting from or adversely affecting the architectural environment. 

This aim has held steady through four generations of the firm’s management. As an integrated family, Rambusch engineered fixtures work in combination to achieve what one single fixture type cannot. To light spaces and help designers best use our tools in creating uplifting environments, 

Rambusch provides far more than hardware. In addition to building fixtures, our business is built on communication, collaboration and shared knowledge. While there are other approaches, ours has served Rambusch clients well for over a century. View Projects 

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