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Marvin is a manufacturer of wood windows and doors that creates products inspired by how people live. They have a variety of product lines that carry over 11,000 standard sizes as well as custom shapes and sizes, and specializes in historic rehabilitation.

Marvin is a fourth-generation family-owned and -led business, headquartered in Warroad, Minnesota, with more than 7,000 employees across 16 cities in North America. The Marvin portfolio of products for builders, architects and homeowners is designed to provide exceptional solutions for any project with a focus on creating better ways of living.

Marvin partners with architects and their builders to solve for residential, commercial, historic, and institutional projects of all sizes and scales. Adept at ensuring architectural integrity and historical accuracy, the professionals at Marvin craft customized window and door solutions for countless types of buildings with historic significance or designation.

Marvin products are distributed nationally through a network of independent dealers. Visit to learn more.

◆ Marvin is a Silver Sponsor of the Traditional Building Conference and a part of the educational program.

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