Kreilick Conservation, LLC

Kreilick Conservation, LLC provides laboratory and field analysis of materials, condition assessments, emergency response and stabilization, treatment, documentation, and maintenance of architectural elements, monuments, sculpture, and objects, specializing in metals and masonry.

Since its’ inception in 1996, Kreilick Conservation, LLC has performed conservation treatments, assessments, or materials analysis at more than 30 National Landmarks (Buildings, Monuments, Districts, Battlegrounds, and Cemeteries) and more than 200 monuments and outdoor sculptures. 

Clients include national, state, and local public, private, and non-profit entities involved in the conservation, restoration, and rehabilitation of our cultural heritage.


  • Laboratory and field analysis of materials
    • metallography
    • composition analysis
    • petrography
    • optical and electron microscopy
    • mechanical testing
    • boroscopy
    • radiography
    • mortar, plaster, and stucco
    • paint and coatings
    • accelerated weathering
    • porosity and permeability
    • soluble salts
    • freeze-thaw
  • emergency stabilization
  • construction specifications
  • condition assessments
  • project management
  • treatment
    • cleaning (mechanical and chemical)
    • graffiti removal
    • repointing
    • consolidation
    • loss compensation
    • replication of missing elements
  • maintenance
  • documentation
    • archival research
    • photography
    • historic structures reports

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