Green Mountain Insulated Glass, Inc.

Green Mountain Insulated Glass, Inc. is primarily a manufacturer of insulated glass (Double Pane) units for the custom, true divided lite window and door market. We produce the highest quality of small lite, narrow sightline insulated glass in the industry. We offer some of the best warranties available for insulated glass.

Insulated Glass Units

There are two basic types of insulated glass units which are fabricated at Green Mountain Insulated Glass, Inc. 

The first type is the dual seal-silicone/PIB unit, the PIB forms the most effective seal against moisture and the silicone has structurally the strongest and most resilient of sealant bonds. Most often glass fabricators provide an irregularly applied 1/2” sealant band or sightline.Through consistent, careful craftsmanship and use of the highest quality of materials, 

Green Mountain Insulated Glass is able to consistently provide as small a sightline as 5/16” on small lite IG units (2 1/2 square foot or less). Any millwork company that has ever attempted to blend a modern, energy efficient window with the look of period architecture is well aware of the need to keep the muntins (glass dividing bars within a given sash) as narrow as possible. 

Green Mountain Insulated Glass, Inc.’s accurate and reliable sightlines have regularly made the option of narrower muntins possible for many of its millwork customers. We routinely stock many choices in clear and colored anodized spacers.

The second type is a reverse dual seal IG unit made with warm edge spacer. This spacer product is made of a type of foam and promotes less conductivity of cold through the spacer. Green Mountain Insulated Glass routinely stocks gray, white and black in several different sizes of each. Because it is a flexible spacer, bending it to complex shapes can be achieved more easily and cost effectively to the customer than with metal spacers. 

Types of Glass Available

Green Mountain Insulated Glass fabricates insulated glass units with many different types of glasses. We offer the standard options commercially available in insulated glass from clear and low e annealed or tempered to fancy beveled and impact resistant IG units. 

Green Mountain Insulated Glass, Inc. stocks six or more different types of handmade “cylinder” Restoration Glass and three major types of “drawn” Restoration Glasses. These Restoration Glasses may be for monolithic use, in IG units, custom laminated as a monolithic safety product, or then used in a safety code compliant IG unit. 

Green Mountain Insulated Glass, Inc. also either stocks in house or has timely access to Bulls Eyes” and many other types of stained, obscured, or pattern glasses; most of which can be insulated or laminated to become safety glazing.

Contact Us

We welcome any comments or questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us, either with the information on this page or by going to our website and clicking on the Contact a specialist today! Thank you for your interest in Green Mountain Insulated Glass.

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