Goodwin Company

Supplier of centuries-old, river-recovered, reclaimed harvested wood: for flooring, stair parts, millwork; solid or engineered, finished or unfinished.

Goodwin is the building design industry’s trusted resource for fine River-Recovered® and building reclaimed antique wood. Goodwin River-Recovered® wood has more growth rings per inch than standing wood today – the more growth rings, the stronger the wood.

  • Guaranteed to be virgin growth and of U.S. origin
  • Handcrafted to suit each customer’s need with custom solutions available
  • Highest precision grading standards and kiln drying for durability and long lasting value

Goodwin is the oldest family owned and operated reclaimed wood company in the U.S, and the first reclaimed wood company to make engineered flooring in the U.S. Orders handcrafted to suit each customer’s need. Custom solutions available.

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