Freedom Cement

Quality masonry products for historic preservation and new construction, including natural cement, natural hydraulic lime, pre-mixed mortar and Microcotta™.

Freedom Cement, LLC was started to provide historically accurate materials to restoration contractors. In 2010 Freedom Cement resumed production of natural cement from Rosendale, New York. We currently produce natural cement from the Lawrence mine in Rosendale. Freedom cement is the only supplier that publicly declares its natural cement rock is mined in Rosendale, NY, and has full control of the production and distribution of natural cement from Rosendale, NY.

Century Brand® Natural Cement

Century Brand® Natural Cement is made from quarrying the original and historic cement quarries in upstate NY, burning the stone in our plant in Brookfield, MA at low temperatures, and then grinding the clinker to yield natural cement. Just pure, genuine, & authentic natural cement. Learn more.

Century Brand® Microcotta™

Match any color. Match any texture. Microcotta™ is a non-structural replacement for traditional building materials. It is a polymer resin composite that combines with inert, inorganic aggregates to form a lightweight, fire-resistant building material that is suited for economical cast replications of architectural ornamentation. It can be used to replicate terracotta, stone, cast stone, slate, brick, cast iron and other ornamental façade components with sharp detail and a wide color range. Learn More.

Lafarge™ Natural Hydraulic Lime

Lafarge™ Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) is made by burning a pure naturally occurring hydraulic limestone from their quarries in the French Alps, an area renowned for the quality of their stone. LaFarge NHL does not contain any Portland cement or additives of any kind. LaFarge NHL contains over 42% free lime, aiding in the workability and breathability of mortars and plasters made with it. Natural Hydraulic Limes are commonly used as a replacement mortar in structures originally built of hot and non-hydraulic lime mortars due to their resilience to harsh conditions and normal weathering. They also make ideal mortars and plasters for historic preservation and green building. Learn More.

Vicat Prompt™ Natural Cement

Vicat Prompt™ Natural Cement is a fast-setting waterproof cement with extraordinary versatility. Due to its high fines content, Vicat Prompt develops excellent adhesion to a wide array of building materials. Adhesion to a damp surfaces is significantly better than that obtained on a dry surface. Its fast-setting, corrosion-resistant, and waterproof qualities make it an excellent choice for quick masonry work and work done under less than ideal conditions like cold, humidity, or immersion. Learn More

Restore™ Pre-Mixed Mortar

Need mortar, injection grout, or patching material made to your specifications? We can help! Restore™ Pre-Mixed mortars are made with our natural cement or hydraulic lime products or another binder of your specification. All components are blended in our state-of-the-art facility. You provide the recipe. We'll match your specified aggregate. All you have to do is add water! Learn More

Century Brand® Architectural Casting

Freedom Cement is proud to offer high-end, precise and detailed casting in masonry and composite reproductions with Century Brand® Architectural Casting. Projects for casting work are required to meet a rigorous set of standards in heritage value, quality and architectural perfection. Learn More

3D Printing and Scanning

Freedom Cement has invested in state-of-the-art technology, including scanning equipment and a 3D printer, to ensure the historical accuracy of our manufacturing process. Learn More

The following is a list of historic projects that Freedom Cement provided material for: Fort Jefferson, Fort Adams, Fort Washington, Fort Pickens, Fort Jackson, Monticello, Poplar Forest, Blair House, Royal Orchard, Newport Country Club, Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian House at Florida Southern University, High Bridge NY and many others. In an effort to expand our range of services to the architectural community, in 2016 Freedom Cement began the production of Microcotta in their North Brookfield facility.

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