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EverGreene Architectural Arts, Inc.

Decorative-arts studio: murals, decorative painting, gilding, plaster, wood, metal, stone & mosaics; new design, conservation & restoration; ecclesiastical, institutional, public & commercial projects; offices in NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles & Wash. DC.

Since 1978, EverGreene Architectural Arts has provided award-winning design and fabrication, conservation and restoration services for many of the world’s most significant buildings and objects. In 2018 we expanded our historic conservation practice by acquiring Conservation Solutions. From historic landmarks to contemporary built environments, we honor the craftsmanship of traditional trades, the art and science that inform historic preservation and restoration, as well as the innovative and creative landscape of new construction.

As the nation's largest specialty contractor of architectural arts and artifacts, our success at EverGreene is a result of our dedication to excellence, profound care of each unique project’s history and architectural heritage, and the commitment to always put quality and craftsmanship at the heart of our work. Our craftspeople have worked on 400 historic theaters; 38 state capitols, and hundreds of civic, commercial, institutional, and sacred spaces.

Our expertise includes, but is not limited to: pre-construction design; conservation; restoration; decorative finishes; painting & gilding; murals & other artwork; ornamental plaster & scagliola, stone, wood & metal services. For additional details please visit us at

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