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Denis Littrell & Associates, Inc

Residential Design and Construction - Estate and Manor Homes - Country and Villa Homes - Vacation and Summer Homes

Denis Littrell and Associates is a nationally recognized design-build firm committed to the trade excellence of architecture and construction. 

We pride ourselves on innovative and timeless design, flawless attention to quality construction and the unfailing pursuit of absolute customer satisfaction. Designing and constructing all forms of archetype, 

Denis Littrell and Associates places an emphasis on early traditional residential architecture and estate home construction inspired by true historical styles and period homes. 

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Belden Brick Company, The

The Belden Brick Company, a long-standing pillar in the brick industry, is the largest family-owned brick manufacturer in the United States. With a foundation over a century in the making, an exciting new era of modernization begins as we pioneer innovation in the art of brick making for architects, builders, and homeowners. Each brick becomes part of a legacy that has set The Standard of Comparison since 1885.