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CastCottaTM is a system of custom-manufactured substitute masonry units that is equivalent in appearance, form and function to terra cotta for use in repair and replacement applications.

CastCotta™ is an advanced Terracotta alternative that was recently Trademarked by ConSpec Associates. It has a significant history with some very distinct and unique advantages.

  • Has a material track record of 40 years.
  • A product record going back over 10 years.
  • Identical in Form and Function to Terracotta but weighs only 130PCF. 
  • Delivery in 6 weeks.

CastCottaTM can be produced in both glazed and unglazed formats, to match the original terra cotta materials on any project.

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Zepsa Industries, Inc.

Supplier of architectural woodwork: stairs, mantels, paneling, wine cellars, doors & more.