Campbellsville Industries, Inc.

Manufacturer & installer of architectural metalwork: steeples, columns, cupolas, street clocks, railings, balustrades, finials, domes, weathervanes & louvers; aluminum, copper, zinc & lead-coated copper.

Campbellsville Industries was formally incorporated in 1955. However, the company was in business many years before this, in the form of a work-study program for students attending a local Southern Baptist college called Campbellsville College (now Campbellsville University). The students could earn money towards their education by building lecterns, pews, Bible School craft supplies, bulletin boards, display racks, etc. Newspaper articles note that from 1955 to 1965, 412 students worked in some capacity at Campbellsville Industries.

One day a church approached the college shop manager and asked if they could build a steeple for their church. The manager of the shop, Herb Keeton, decided that the ideal steeple should be lightweight, yet structurally strong, and be as maintenance-free as possible. He chose to fabricate the steeple with a structural aluminum angle framework and clad the steeple with an aluminum cladding, which had a durable finish. The church liked their steeple and soon other churches wanted a steeple that would not have to be continually maintained.

The steeple portion of the college business began to grow, earning Campbellsville the nickname in the church industry as: "The Steeple People". Mr. Keeton, shortly thereafter, purchased the steeple portion of the business from the college. Mr. Keeton later sold the business to four employees: Jerry Bennett (President), Wilbur Cox, Kenny Bennett, and Roger Grant--who currently own the company. Their leadership has helped to expand the product line, increased the number of employees, and the physical size of our manufacturing facilities.

Campbellsville, as we are known today in the industry, has over 11,000 installations located throughout the 50 United States, Canada, and at least 6 foreign countries. Our products include not only steeples, but also: balustrades, picket railing, baptistries, bulletin boards, clocks, cupolas, columns, cornices, crosses, domes, finials, louvers, towers, urns, and weathervanes. Thus, suggested by some, that we change the nickname of our company to better represent the variety of our offerings, to "The Steeple People.....PLUS!".

Few design elements so perfectly identify a house of worship as an old-fashioned steeple. But don't let the "old-fashioned" part fool you. Today's options are more lightweight, durable and affordable than ever, making the steeple a viable option for churches of any size.

Campbellsville Industries is the leader in historic replication of steeples and cupolas in America, and is the standard in the industry for quality and attention to detail. The same craftsmanship that can be seen on our award winning historic preservation projects, is now available with cell-phone antenna concealment. Call us for a quote or design assistance at: 800-467-8135.

If your church is building a new sanctuary and your plans include a steeple, you're bound to have a few questions. Campbellsville Industries offer a FREE Design Service to churches planning a new steeple. Simply forward us a photograph of your church along with dimensions of the width of the church, and we will provide a scaled computer generate architectural rendering of the church, showing suitable steeple designs. This is a free design service, and will not obligate the church in any way whatsoever. Should the church select one of our designs and decide to purchase, one of our trained manufacturer's representative's can come to the church, and do a personal inspection of your roof structure and facilities.

Campbellsville Industries offers a full range of stock steeple and cupola designs, that are taken from traditional period architecture, and blend with most church buildings. Stock steeple designs offer some savings to the church, as the steeple shop drawings and anchoring details are stored on our computer CAD system which eliminates cost in design and drafting. We also provide custom reproductions of existing church steeples and have many steeples on the National Historic Register. You can view our stock steeple designs directly form your browser.

The church will receive a preliminary color rendering similar to that which is shown on the right. There will usually be three different steeple designs, that our steeple designer's think would look aesthetically appropriate for your type and size of church. The steeples are drawn to scale so that the church members get an accurate idea of how the steeple will look--before you purchase! This takes much of the guesswork out of your steeple planning.

The renderings also are good fund raising tools, in that many pastors or steeple committees will use the selected designs to promote the steeple project among the church members. The preliminary renderings can be passed around, or placed on a bulletin board to raise interest in the project. Donations in the form of funds designated in "honor of" or in "memorial to" loved ones are sometimes generated by these renderings.

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