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Manufacturer of replacement light bulbs. Available technologies include:

LED - Save the most energy with this long-life bulb with latest technology

INCANDESCENT - Traditional warm lighting with great color rendering

HALOGEN - Whiter, brighter light similar to traditional incandescent light

KRYPTON/XENON - A super-bright and sparkling white light

CFL - Energy efficient technology that gives you the choice of cooler or warmer looking light

FLUORESCENT - Long lasting lighting for commercial light fixtures

HID - Commercial grade lighting, perfect for large areas and street lighting

STRINGS/FIXTURES - Decorative accents to create the perfect mood

AV/MINIATURES - Specialized light sources for stage, vehicles, medical equipment and more

Smart LED - Smarter LEDS for the household

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Timberlane, Inc.

Manufacturer of custom exterior shutters: more than 40 historically accurate, customizable styles; available in premium woods & our own maintenance-free Endurian, along with the large selection of period shutter hardware and garage doors.