Bathroom Machineries, DEA

Bathroom Machineries, DEA specializes in vintage plumbing, lighting & hardware needs.

The Thomas Crapper

Bathroom Machineries, DEA offers a wide variety of fine antique and reproduction fixtures and accessories to enhance the turn-of-the-century decor and help create that special feeling of golden days gone by. Our policy is dedication to providing personalized service and prompt delivery, as we have since 1976. Bathroom Machineries, a division of Domestic Environmental Alternatives, is a well established specialty plumbing and supply store located in the historic Mother Lode town of Murphys, California.

Specialties include antiques, architectural salvage, tubs, Crane plumbing parts, standar plumbing parts, showers, toilets, toilet parts, sinks, plumbing accessories, faucets, hardware, electrical components, fire hose reels, antique keys, and bath decor and accessories. 

Bathroom Machineries, DEA, also offers the Complete Toilet Kit with Thomas Crapper & Co High Cistern, an incredibly faithful reproduction of the Victorian Original, right down to the “valveless water waste preventer” design. 

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Manufacturer of custom exterior shutters: more than 40 historically accurate, customizable styles; available in premium woods & our own maintenance-free Endurian, along with the large selection of period shutter hardware and garage doors.