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Antique Hardware Supply appreciates the fact that antique hardware represents more than just useful pieces of hardware for opening drawers or doors. Your hardware tells the story of a time and place longago but not forgotten. Each vintage style piece reveals the beauty of the past and adds important design touches to your home.

Look closely at any antique house or furniture hardware, dating back decades or hundreds of years, and you will find a stunning display of hardware styles and details that you don’t seeanywhere else, like Ribbon & Reed door pull plates, Chippendale Willow brasses, Hepplewhite thin brass pulls with eagle symbols, or elaborate Victorian crystal door knockers. If you appreciate the quality and details found in products made in long gone eras, it is natural to want to bring the past into the present. That is precisely why we have specialized, in crafting fine reproductions of the classic hardware pieces that add beautiful styling to furniture and homes.

At Antique Hardware Supply, we want to assist you in finding the perfect piece to help make your house feel like home while still telling its historical story to all who pass through. Our authentic, hand-selected collections of antique inspired hardware stretch from Victorian to Colonial, Traditional to Rococo, and so much more. Choosing our company to meet your hardware needs makes sense if you appreciate high quality hardware, customization and exceptional service. We have an extensive collection of period-style hardware, including antique lighting, antique door hardware, window hardware, facade artifacts & much more!

Those who value exceptional workmanship and excellence in artistry have come to trust Antique Hardware Supply for their expertise in period style hardware and lighting. With a strong reputation and emphasis for quality products and professional support, we have developed into one of the largest online retailers of vintage reproduction hardware and period style home goods. Our website was designed with you in mind - constructed to help you find ideas and inspirations to restore or update every room

We staff real people - working in our physical storehouses and answering our customer service phones and e-mail - to make your online experience the best possible. We staff experts in period style hardware, metalsmithing and vintage glassware with real experience in hand finishing items. If you need help with placing an order or if you have questions about our products before placing an order - we are here to help. Call us at (734) 728-8890 during our normal business hours and speak to one of our helpful representatives or email us any time at and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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