Andrew Wilson Smith Sculpture Studio

Portraits, Architectural Sculpture, Stone, Bronze

A fine and decorative art studio specializing in the production of original artwork for institutional, ecclesiastical, and domestic settings. 

Steeped in tradition, Andrew Wilson Smith combines theory and craftsmanship to produce unique and meaningful works of art tailored to the needs of his clients. 

Working in a variety of media that include bronze, stone, plaster, wood, cast stone, and natural stone mosaic, Smith handles every project personally. Smith offers fabrication services based on architectural drawings and original design.

Past clients include:

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, Fort Wayne, Indiana: Hand-carved Limestone Corbels

St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church, Lancaster, Ohio: Jubilee Portal: Stone Mosaic of Christ with Architectural Plaster-work and Dominican Memorial: Large, Multi-figure Relief Sculpture in Cast Plaster

Sacred Heart Cathedral, Knoxville, Tennessee: Architectural Sculptures and Decorative Plaster Capitals

St. Mary’s University School of Law, San Antonio, Texas: Christ Among the Doctors: Large, Multi-figure Relief Sculpture in Cast Plaster

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Costa Mesa, California: Life-sized Reliquary Bust in Bronze

Our Lady of the Annunciation Abbey, Clear Creek, Oklahoma: Twelve Apostles: Carved Stone Lintel Above Central Portal and a pair of carved stone capitals

St. Theresa Education Center, Sugar Land, Texas: The Seven Virtues: Allegorical Metopes Decorating the Entryway

California State University at Stanislaus, Stanislaus, California: The Witness of Poetry: Eight Life-Sized Herm Portraits

The American School In Switzerland, Montagnola, Switzerland: The Sibyl of Cumae: Bronze Fountain

Our Lady of Guadalupe National Shrine, La Cross, Wisconsin: Two Wooden Angels Decorating the Organ

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