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100 Year Window by Hull Millwork

The 100 Year Window by Hull Millwork is a return to excellence and long-term performance - built to last for 100 years.

Brent Hull, a millwork craftsman and custom builder for three decades, is taking a step back to a time when windows were built with superior materials and construction methods. “In our window restoration practice, we restore windows in 100-year-old buildings,” explains Hull, owner and founder of Hull Works. “This inspires us to build new, historically authentic windows the way they used to be built, but with newer details for better energy efficiency.” 

The 100 Year Window starts with period-authentic sizes for stiles and rails but is customized for each project. Each 100 Year Window is made to order. They are carefully fitted, fully weather-stripped at the jambs and at the check rail.Traditional construction methods include mortise and tenon joints and solid wood stiles and rails. Period-authentic single pane, putty-glazed glass avoids cracked seals and condensation unlike insulated glass. With films and low-e coating, they pass U-value and ASTM infiltration energy testing easily, allowing for larger openings and easy operation.

Although a handful of woodworking companies offer custom-built windows, no one is doing so at Hull’s scale, or with such attention to the best practices of the past.

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