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The Dabney, blagden alley

Where Food and Preservation Meet

Two recently opened restaurants are enhancing the historic quality of one of Washington, DC’s last Victoria-era alleys, Blagden Alley. By...

Iglesia San Jose, Robert Silman

The Groundbreaking Engineering of Robert Silman

Robert Silman grew up with the preservation movement. By Gordon Bock Many of the most famous historic buildings in America are revered for...

repairing historic wood windows

Historic Window Repair: Sash Joint Dutchman

A close look at the process of restoring repairing historic wood windows. By John Leeke, historic building specialist. All photos by the...

CARTA event

Christine G. H. Franck Receives Clem Labine Award

Christine G. H. Franck is the 2016 recipient of the prestigious Clem Labine Award. By Gordon Bock Sometimes, words do have the power of...

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