Bricklayer's Knees

A poem in appreciation of craftspeople.
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Bricklayer's Knees

Bricklayer's knees,
Remember the cold crack of winter sunrise
the slap of mud, the scrape of trowel
the hollow clap of brick on brick on brick
All day, every day,
slap - clap - scrape
slap - clap - scrape
slap - clap - scrape

Bricklayer's knees, aching,
endless climbs with sloppy Hod
Down and up, down and up, and dows
Eight hours of humping stinging Mud
Brick on brick on brick

Bricklayer's knees, knowing
the fierce reality
of line and level,
that brick on brick on brick
A man could build a wall
a family
a world

Monte Thompson




About the Author

Monte Thomson is the son of an excavator who grew up around an interesting variety of construction workers, including brick layers. Mr. Thompson is a hands on guy, now retired, living near Chautauqua New York.

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