Product Reports

Our product reports include interviews with experts in the field to discover trends in various products used in traditional design. Subjects include windows, lighting, metalwork, doors, woodwork, and roofing, just to name a few.

hand-forged steel metalwork

Guidelines for Specifying Architectural Ironwork

Following architectural ironwork guidelines helps keep projects from falling short.
Worthington Millwork

Columns: Then and Now

There’s no doubt that columns are one of the leading members of the supporting cast of the architectural elements. They fit into almost all categories – ancient, traditional, modern, structural, decorative – you name it.
ornamental plaster in Hollywood Theater

Historic Plaster in Today’s Traditional Market

The formula for historic plaster is still alive and well, but some new materials are making inroads in the field of interior ornament.
Episcopal Church of the Nativity

A New Copper Church Roof

A church in Alabama gets an economical new copper church roof to replace its existing galvanized stamped shingles.

New Jersey Church Gets 14 New Stations of the Cross Paintings

The 1960s Church of Christ in New Vernon, NJ, now has 14 new Stations of the Cross paintings by Leonard Porter.
Eldridge Street Synagogue's Art Glass

Restoring Eldridge Street Synagogue’s Art Glass

Restoring the historic Eldridge Street Synagogue's art glass required 10 months of exhaustive design, fabrication, and site work.
After restoration, the windows were as good as new, providing light to classrooms and art studio. All photos: courtesy of Seekircher Steel Window Repair unless otherwise noted.

Restoring Steel Windows

Steel windows present a challenge in many restoration projects.
Working on the front lawn of the Santa Barbara courthouse for seven months, British Stone, Hunt Studios and Melka Sculpture re-created the historic Spirit of the Ocean fountain. It is 14 ft. long, 8 ft. tall and 7 ft. deep. Photo: Nathan Hunt

Recreating the Spirit of the Ocean Statue

A 1927 sandstone carved fountain in Santa Barbara, CA, the Spirit of the Ocean statue, has been re-created by master carvers.
Market Square in Washington, DC, consists of two buildings with columns in a semi-circle around the Navy Memorial. Bybee Stone Co. fabricated 26 6-ft.-dia., 55-ft. tall, fluted, solid-limestone columns, complete with capitals and bases, for the project. Photo: Bybee Stone Co.

Column Construction: Materials and Methods

A look at the history, materials and methods behind traditional column construction.

Making Sense of Metal Windows in Historic Buildings

Gordon Bock explains why metal windows, steel and aluminum, are showing up in more historic buildings.
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