Rudy Christian

A Gathering of the Trades: Timber Framers Guild

The Timber Framers Guild held its 31st annual conference recently at the historic Gideon Putnam Hotel in Saratoga Springs, NY.
Rudy Christian

The Place for Trades in a 3D Printed World

Rudy Christian blogs about a place for trades in a 3D printed world, comparing traditional trades in Myanmar and in the U.S.
working in Mandalay

Here We Are Again…..Again: Preserving a Monastery in Mandalay

Preserving a monastery in Mandalay has special challenges, says Rudy Christian in is latest blog.
The thrill of touching the master blacksmith’s work for the first time. Do I look happy?

Rudy Christian: Tools of the Trade

Rudy Christian explores the ancient way of timber frame building in Myanmar.
A traditional tradesperson in Mandalay refining his skills in the ancient craft of woodcarving. Unfortunately most of his work is headed for the Chinese hotel chain market. Photo by Laura Saeger

Rudy Christian: A Good Reason to Talk to Myself

It’s important to put tools in the hands of young children so they can decide which ones fit their hands and minds.
From left to right Filippo Compagnon (Zimmerman Instructor), me, Carson Christian (my son) and Lon Tyler (TFG member and friend) at the compound roof framing class we participated in at the Gewerbe Akademie in Rotweil, Germany, in 2003. Hands-on learning German style!

Which Came First: Teaching or Learning Trades?

Why is there such an imbalance in the implementation of the learning modes in our society? 
Willa serves a crab boil for the instructors at the workshop at Savannah Technical College. One of the perks for tradespeople teaching!

So Now What?

It’s time we stopped pointing fingers and casting blame for the lack of trades education opportunities.
Chase appears to be enjoying using the 130-year-old cordless drill (boring machine) we taught him to use at the timber-frame workshop the Timber Framers Guild and Friends of Ohio Barns held at the Pasco Museum at the recent Agricultural Progress Days held outside of State College PA. He also learned to use a pull saw and a chisel and mallet. A smile powered volunteer!

Whatever It Was, It’s Gone

How do we address the lack of qualified tradespeople and  educational programs?
Highly skilled and respected tradesperson Robert Yapp Jr. (top right with glasses) teaching a class at his grass roots “Window Restoration College”

Are Tradespeople the Canary in the Cultural Coal Mine?

In the world we live in today, and in particular in the United States, trades education is as good as nonexistent.
A view of Lincoln Cathedral, now over 1,000 years old and a wonderful part of England's Heritage.

So, Why Don’t We Build The Way We Used To?

How the evolving economic and class structures are changing not only who we are, but the very world we live in.
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