Pennsylvania Station

To Transform Penn Station, Madison Square Garden Must Move!

Clem Labine takes a look at the future of NYC's Pennsylvania Station and says that Madison Square Garden must move if we are to have a viable station.
Rebuild Penn Station

Powerful New Backing for “Rebuild Penn Station”

Clem Labine's blog discusses how the National Civic Art Society is now backing the Rebuild Penn Station effort.
crowded Penn Station

More Penn Station Flim-Flam

Clem Labine shows why current proposals won't work for McKim's beautiful building. The only good solution is to rebuild Penn Station.
penn station

The Great Penn Station Hoax

Clem Labine criticizes Gov. Cuomo's proposal for Penn Station.
The sumptuous Allen County Courthouse in Fort Wayne, IN, makes copious use of Marezzo scagliola, as seen here in the columns and side panels of the Circuit Courtroom. Hayles did scagliola restoration for the building’s centenary celebration in 2002.

Book Review: The Magic of Scagliola

A new book, The Magic of Scaglio explores the most arcane of all the traditional building arts: scagliola.

“Beauty” Wasn’t Always a Dirty Word

Clem Labine asks: Has the word “beauty” has disappeared from contemporary architectural practice?

Come Mingle With the Lions of Classicism

A report from January 2014's Classical Tradition Conference (CTC) in Salt Lake City. 

Getting Stuck with Starchitecture’s Bill

Clem Labine shows how NYC got stuck with starchitecture's bill with two very costly new Modernist buildings, the Transit Hub and One World Trade Center.

McKim’s Penn Station Can Rise Again

The biggest obstacles to any new Penn Station project are the Byzantine politics that always surround major real estate efforts in New York City. 

Architecture’s Invasive Species

If we can start to view older communities as fragile architectural eco-systems, then perhaps there will be more resistance to invasive architecture.
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