Blogs and opinions from top thinkers in the world of traditional building and architecture.

Ken Follett

Quackery and the SDS (formerly known as MSDS)

Ever wonder what's in that cleaning fluid? Ken Follett shed some light on chemical formulas, safety data sheets, and who reads labels anyway.
Vincent Michael

Adding Not Subtracting: Guidelines for Historic Homes

Vincent Michael provides guidelines for making historic homes work for contemporary life by adding to them; quite often it's a new kitchen.
David Brussat

Providence’s Long Love Affair with Brick

David Brussat talks about the use of brick in the architecture of Providence, Rhode Island and hopes it has a significant future there.
Judy Hayward

Master Builders and Minecraft: Two Historic Churches in New England

Judy Hayward looks at two historic churches at Yale in the New Haven Green, Center Church and Trinity Church, and the men who designed them.
David Brussat

Stern Channels Rogers at Yale: New Quads in New Haven

David Brussat takes a look at the new residential quads under construction at Yale; the designer is Robert A.M. Stern Architects.
Patrick Webb

Lime: A Civilized Plaster

Patrick Webb discusses the advantages of lime plaster, perhaps the most prized and versatile building material of the civilized world.
beach hut

Beach Hut Vacation Home

Traditional Building's Peter H. Miller spends his summer vacation thinking about architecture and organic sustainability.
Vincent Michael

You Are Not Your Neighbor’s House

Vincent Michael discusses some mistakes that people make when renovating homes in a historic district, particularly when they mimic their neighbor's houses.
Patrick Webb

The Pragmatism of Craft

Patrick Webb discusses the role of the master craftsmanship in traditional architecture today, discussing the empirical versus the rational.
David Brussat

A Tale of Two Library Entrances: Evanston and Providence

Citing two different examples, Providence and Evanston, David Brussat talks about the advantages of restoring historic library entrances.
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