Blogs and opinions from top thinkers in the world of traditional building and architecture.

Vincent Michael

You Are Not Your Neighbor’s House

Vincent Michael discusses some mistakes that people make when renovating homes in a historic district, particularly when they mimic their neighbor's houses.
Patrick Webb

The Pragmatism of Craft

Patrick Webb discusses the role of the master craftsmanship in traditional architecture today, discussing the empirical versus the rational.
David Brussat

A Tale of Two Library Entrances: Evanston and Providence

Citing two different examples, Providence and Evanston, David Brussat talks about the advantages of restoring historic library entrances.
Patrick Webb 6 Running

Gypsum: A Naturally Occurring Stone

Patrick Webb continues his Plaster 101 blog with a discussion of gypsum, a naturally occurring stone that can be used for a variety of applications.

Classical Ethos, not Dogma: A Reply to Carroll William Westfall

The debate continues. Paul Ranogajec responds to Carroll William Westfall's response to his original Forum that appeared in the June issue.

On Classicism’s Timelessness

A response to Paul Ranogajec's Forum urging classical architects to give more attention to the opportunities afforded in contemporary thought.
Rudy Christian

The Place for Trades in a 3D Printed World

Rudy Christian blogs about a place for trades in a 3D printed world, comparing traditional trades in Myanmar and in the U.S.
Rebuild Penn Station

Powerful New Backing for “Rebuild Penn Station”

Clem Labine's blog discusses how the National Civic Art Society is now backing the Rebuild Penn Station effort.
Ken Follett

Schedule of Values and Traditional Craftiness

Ken Follett describes certain practices, such as a schedule of values, often used in traditional (and other) construction projects.
Vincent Michael

Historic Building Guidelines: It’s a Process

Vincent Michael discusses the simple four-step process for making decisions about rehabilitating historic buildings, especially when considering windows.
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